3 Tips On How To Get More Facebook Likes This Year

When you have a Facebook page, one that is dedicated toward marketing a certain product that you have for sale, or even if you would like to get additional followers for your personal page just to connect with different people, you can always find a way to increase the number of likes that you get and hence the number of followers. However, people are often confused as to which is the best strategy to use. Here are three tips on how you can get more Facebook likes this year, allowing you to get more engagement with every post and status update that you make.


Change Your Profile Picture And Cover Photo

The first step of this process is to change your profile picture and cover photo into something that is very intriguing. Whether it is a picture of yourself, or something that represent your product, your profile picture tends to be the first thing that people look at. That is followed by the cover photo which serves as the header for your Facebook page and is typically representative of an interest that you have, or a product that you are selling. The more colors that you use, and the better the quality of the design, you will motivate people based upon these changes to like your page.